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Contamination Control Flooring FAQs

Are there "add-ons" to your products like other products that are available?
NO! The only reoccurring or upfront cost besides the mats is the cleaner. Trim, edging, adhesive, seam sealer, and edge sealer are all included.
Are there any applications that the Hartco mats and flooring should not be used?
After many years of experience and hundreds of installations, outdoor use is the only use that we do not recommend for either the mats or flooring.
Can Hartco products be used in wet environments?
Yes. For environments with very wet cleaning procedures the mats will be sealed around the edges so that no water or contaminant can get under the mats and flooring.

The mats and flooring are slippery when wet.

Can I install the mats internally or do I need a contractor?
90% of all Hartco mats and flooring are installed without a contractor. Because Hartco does so much customization and we eliminate many of the steps, the installation process is much easier.
Can other cleaners be used on the Hartco mats and floors?
Yes other cleaners can be used. Actually most of your facility qualified detergents and bactericidal cleaners can be used (we do recommend they be evaluated by Hartco to ensure that they are safe to use on the mats and flooring). Hartco recommends a special line of cleaners that have been developed to safely clean and increase the life of the mats and floors. We also provide mops, squeegees and a wet/dry vacuum system. Any cleaner that leaves a heavy film or residue on the mats or flooring is not appropriate.

Please see the attached MSD sheets for information on Hartco’s own cleaning products.

MSDSClearClean   MSDSGreenClean

Do the mats and flooring help prevent static? Static discharge concerns?
The Duratack mats have an ohms resistivity to earth of 10 8 – 10 10. All Hartco products are either antistatic or neutral.

There is also no static discharge to be concerned with as when removing a sheet from a disposable mat.

Do the mats and flooring help prevent the growth of bacteria?
Hartco products will not promote the growth any bacteria.
Do the mats come framed?
Yes. When requested, Hartco mats and flooring come with a black beveled edging.
How are the Hartco Duratack mats installed?

The Duratack mats come cut to your specifications. All seaming will be done and trim applied at Hartco. The mats will adhere to the floor themselves but we also apply a non-residue tape on the edges to create a closed environment. Our goal is to make the installation as easy as possible, making it a very simple process.

The simple procedure can be done by following Installation Instructions.

How do I adhere the Hartco mats and flooring to the floor?
The Duratack mats are adhered to the floor by their own tacky nature and also a nonresidue adhesive stripping that we apply for increased safety to the back of the mats.

The MicroPure comes preapplied with a dry floor adhesive.

How do I know how much I need?
We will work with you to determine your specific needs. We will factor in the number of employees, the entry and exit cycle of the critical area, your current cleaning cycle and the level of cleanliness you need to achieve.
How do the Duratack mats and MicroPure flooring actually work?
Hartco uses a specially formulated high tack polymer that by its nature retains a tacky surface over a long period of time under heavy use and multiple cleanings. The surface of the mats and flooring are smooth and flexible allowing the mats to entrap the contamination until cleaned. These characteristics not only allow the mat to pick up 100% of the footborne and wheelborne contamination but do not allow it to be tracked off the mats and flooring.
How does Hartco show its concern for the environment? Will the Hartco mats and flooring help with my waste constraints?
Hartco is the first of any manufacturer of permanent contamination control mats and flooring to offer a recycling service. The Duratack mats can be recycled and used in other less critical products. The polymer is ground up into small pellets and introduced as a filler. Simply give us a call. Another way we save you money!

(some restrictions apply).

How is the Hartco MicroPure flooring installed?
The MicroPure flooring comes precut to your specifications. Most seaming, and all the edging is applied where specified. The flooring also comes with a pre-applied adhesive eliminating a very expensive process. Our goal is to take as many steps out of the process as possible, making it a very simple process.

A detailed video will be provided upon request.

How long does it take to clean the Hartco mats and flooring?
Because the cleaning process is very simple the average mat takes approximately 5 minutes to clean from start to finish. All that is required is to damp mop and squeegee off the surface. The Duratack mats and MicroPure flooring are then ready for use. It will actually take less time to maintain a permanent contamination control mat or floor than a properly kept tacky mat while providing a higher degree of contamination control. Please click on the icon to the right to view a short clip on how to clean the Duratack mats and MicroPure flooring.
How long will the Hartco mats last?
The Duratack mats and MicroPure flooring are covered by a full 2 year warranty. The average life of the mats and flooring is between 3 – 5 years when properly proportioned and cleaned.
How much "customization" can I expect from Hartco products?
The size, shape, cleaning directions and installation instructions would all be customized to your specific contamination control needs. We design a solution around your specific needs!
How often do the Hartco mats and flooring need to be cleaned?
Hartco works with each customer to set up a custom cleaning cycle before the purchase and installation of the mats. We do this so you will know the total cost of buying and maintaining the mats and flooring.

The cleaning cycle varies depending on four factors; the number of people working in the controlled environment, the number of times the personnel will cycle in and out of the controlled environment, the nature of the environment that personnel are leaving to enter the clean room and the size of the mat or flooring that is installed.

Never use cleaning machines or wax products on the Hartco mats and flooring.

Is it easy to purchase and pay for?
Hartco offers on qualified orders up to 120 day terms.
What are the advantages of a permanent type mat from a peel off mat?
There are many advantages in using the Hartco products, the most important is that of increased contamination control at a lower cost. A properly proportioned (minimum of 3 steps) and properly cleaned Hartco product will eliminate 100% of the surface contaminates. This lowers not only the cost of the contamination control but lowers process loss due to contaminated, defective parts.

Other important advantages; lower risk of static, increased flexibility, less waste for disposal than peel off mats, safer passage of carts and personnel, lower materials cost and lower installation cost.

What do I do with the extra material that I have purchased once the flooring is installed?
There will be no extra material left over. We cut the mats and flooring to your specifications. You only pay for what you need!
What Hartco product do you recommend for heavy duty or extreme conditions?
Both The Duratack mats and MicroPure flooring have been tested to have the highest resistance to heavy loads. All the Hartco products are designed to be used in heavy duty or extreme conditions.
What sizes are available?
Hartco cuts all the mats and flooring to your specifications, so any size or shape is available.
What type of payback can I expect when I switch from expensive peel off mats to the Hartco products? How long will it take for me to recoup my initial investment?
Your investment yields a great return when you chose to use Hartco Duratack mats and MicroPure flooring. On average the return on investment or payback is 3 – 4 months. Over the life of the mats, using the lowest expected life span (including cleaners), you will save approximately 70%.

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