900 Series SandMask

The 900 Series SandMask is a unique blend of the characteristics of our most popular 400 Series and our most pliable and blast resistant 500 Series polymeric vinyl. This formula creates the toughest, most flexible, and versatile stencil that we have ever developed! The 930 is cast to a total thickness of 30 mils. The fully cured vinyl is combined with our proven Regular Grip or High Grip Adhesives, comes on a plastic liner, and in both punched and unpunched. The 930 has all the pliability and toughness of rubber without the powdery residue, distortion of image, and other detriments. This product solves all your “rubber resist headaches” while still providing what you love most!

   Product Specifications:

Width: 15”, 20”, 25”, 30″ and 60”master roll
Roll Length: 10 Yards
PVC Thickness: 27.5 Mils of Vinyl
Adhesive Thickness: 2.5 Mils Waterbased Acrylic
Air Pressure Limits: 90 to 100 PSI
Compatible Grits: Sand, Aluminum Oxide, Garnet, Silica Carbide, Glass Beads, others
Blade: 60°
Shelf Life: Up to 1 Year
Storage: Do not allow material to be exposed to direct sunlight for extended periods of time.

Specific Usage Information:

Regular Grip Adhesive

For sandblasting on smooth concrete, glazed brick, polished stone, and other smooth surface substrates that require high blasting pressure.  As well as all painted wood, raw wood, and wood alternative surfaces, primed foam, glass, plexiglass, Avonite, and Corian.

Available in plastic liner.

S930S-15”, 20”, 25”, 30”            Friction Feed

S930SP-15” & 30”                      Gerber Punched

S930SPI- 30”                            1/2 Inch on center pin fed
High Grip Adhesive

For industrial applications, as well as all stone, brick, concrete, and  monument substrates having porous surfaces.

Available in plastic liner.

HGS930S-15”, 20”, 25”, 30”        Friction Feed

HGS930SP-15” & 30”                  Gerber Punched

HGS930SPI-30”                         1/2 Inch on center pin fed