Core Values

Servant hood
Is self-motivated action that is focused and determined to excel at meeting the clearly defined needs of those we serve. Putting others first.

Is using all the resources in my area of responsibility, entrusted to Hartco and me by God, to the highest level possible. This will elevate my performance and the performance of the organization to produce maximum profit.

Is character that is trustworthy and conduct that is “without question”, with a clear understanding that my attitudes and actions can impact the outcome for us all.

Is a mindset demonstrated through my engaged action that says: “I will do everything necessary to diligently move forward to change and improve, without being asked”.

Is a willingness to accept full responsibility for all my actions, attitudes and motives which allows me to be teachable and dependable while helping others accomplish the same.

Being who you are, no masks.  What you see is what you get.  The goal is to be real with those you spend your time with each and every day.

Is coming together by doing the following:

U – Uplifting one another,
N – Accepting that we need others, and they need us,
I – Intentionally investing of yourself in others and Hartco,
T – Being trustworthy and trusting others,
Y – Yielding personal and professional rights.

Why do we Focus on these Values?

So at the end of the day…   The ultimate measure of our success is to hear, “Well done thou good and faithful servant”. First and foremost from our Lord but also from each customer and person we influence.

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